C cheers for Varun


C candles are burning bright

You are C years old- Is that right?

Older and wiser, a year at a time

Now, how on earth do I make that rhyme?

B was last year, B for Bye!

D is next year when Teenage says Hi!

“The past is dead, the future unborn”

Now, where in the present has Varuna gone?

C for candles, burning bright

Varuna, blow, with all your might

Huff and puff, and blow them out

And “Birthday Boy” is what we’ll shout

C for cittens, did you say?

No, no, Varun uses a K

K for  kittens, let me repeat

And wonder how to keep the beat.

C for Calculus, acting the goat

C for cash, which you get for your vote

C for chess, the game to play

C is how old Varun is today!

Grey Jungle Fowl for Varun


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2 Responses to “C cheers for Varun”

  1. Ravi Says:

    NIce one! Happy Birthday, Varun!

  2. Meeta Says:

    Hey Varun, Happy Birthday!
    C for Caught in the Cusp before the teens.
    C for climbing in the trees
    Like a citten or is it Cat
    We won’t know exactly where you’re at!

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