The Sponge Cats go to Gegypt

The Sponge Cats

For a long time we were not aware that a film was being made. And after we realised what was happening, we were not allowed to see the process. The boys finished making their movie last year, in time to carry it with us on our Bharat Yatra. Now, you can watch it on Vimeo


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  1. Back home | Thekambattu Says:

    […] The Sponge Cat’s house was also broken into, and in fact, Munge Kunju has been kidnapped. There has been a general flinging around of stuff; the aquarium (already broken a bit) has been shattered (rather pointlessly) with a stone. The boys’ white cupboard (which was locked) has been broken into; Sonati’s desk also has been opened and stuff strewn about. […]

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