“Here we are, all of us: in a dream-caravan.

A caravan, but a dream – a dream, but a caravan.

And we know which are the dreams.

Therein lies the hope.”

—Sheikh Bahaudin



3 Responses to “Machang”

  1. window siller Says:

    lovely dreamy getaway.
    a happy summer to all at thekambattu. 🙂 🙂

  2. Gaurav Shah Says:

    a wonderful place to spend the day (and some nights).

  3. Mansoor Khan Says:

    What fun! The picture takes me straight back to school days when life was so simple. This is going to inspire us to find a suitable tree and set up a perch here on our farm Acres Wild, here in Coonoor. Enjoyed other entries on your blog too.

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