Bharat Yatra

Well, we did it and are back home again. Many thanks to all our hosts, friends, people we met, and even some whom we didn’t, for  a great trip. It was great on all counts. And definitely an Internet-age trip. I don’t think we would have dared conceive this trip, let alone carry it off successfully without the Indian Railways Internet booking facility.

Salem to Indore. Indore to Kalyan. Thane to Pune. Pune to Delhi. Delhi to Chennai. Chennai to Salem.

Even now, when I see that list, I marvel that we managed to co-ordinate hosts and trains all over the country, hitchlessly.

Later posts will give cameos of our trip. For the moment, I will say that our first port of call was Bagli (pronounced Baagli), near Indore.


And upon our return, we have acquired a puppy (Caesar’s and Cleo’s puppy from Sittilingi) who has been named Bagli, too.

Bagli, too


2 Responses to “Bharat Yatra”

  1. Madhu Says:

    glad you enjoyed the trip, do it more often now.

    lovely pup – baagli, too 🙂

    so how’s the shed conversion to studio coming along?


  2. Arun Says:

    How was Delhi? We found it rather hot, as we visited in summer!

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