Picture This

Boy wants to marry classmate-girl. Boy’s father forbids it because girl’s family is not so well-off. Pays off the girl’s father to get her married elsewhere. Sends boy off to do a Teacher-training course far from home.

One day, boy calls father to say he has a stomach complaint, and will the father please come to help. Father retorts that surely, boy is old enough and has enough money to go see a doctor by himself. Boy whines a bit. Father angrily says, “Oof, you are so much trouble, why don’t you go die?” Boy retorts, ” OK, I will die and show you”

Boy travels back to small town, borrows money from a shopkeeper-neighbour, and downs a bottle of insecticide and collapses in the bus-stand. Passers-by see him and inform father. Distraught father rushes to the scene and hires a jeep to get them to the hospital (an hour and a half away).

Stomach pump. Referral to bigger hospital in nearby big city. Ambulance organised.

En route, son rises up, embraces father, saying he is very sorry and never wants to be parted from father.

And dies.

An episode from a Tamil Soap? No! This happened, some 10 days ago to Balamanikandan s/o Chandran from Valagapattu about whom I have written earlier. The parents have still not reconciled themselves to this loss.

And I continue, at every opportunity to rail against TV and movies.


2 Responses to “Picture This”

  1. Suseela Says:

    Do we need a clear causal connection to show the effect of the media on a young mind? People seem to be in denial about a whole lot of facts. People who want to continue to let the children watch TV and be lost to the world of communication do not realize what they have lost – when the relationship is lost then I feel everything is lost.

  2. jogesh Says:

    Bosses, same thing surely part of our mythos, what? If the soaps don’t get them, the mytho surely will. Persecuted women who burn themselves or are burnt by their in-laws aren’t following soap decree, its tradition and mytho.
    Check the plots in the mahabharat and the ramayan or all the firang mythos – they make soaps look like winnie-the-pooh.
    TV sucketh, sure, but the roots of this episode are far deeper.

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