Meeting Meeta


Meeta came from Dilli last week

We met after ten years or so.

She brought us all clothes from Kaladera

Vegetable-dyed, don’t you know?


Sunny was nursing a migraine at home

But was here, in the spirit, so to speak.

Just one phone call from him, and

Our ears were ringing for a week.

From morning to night, and then some,

There were conversations over cups of tea

About their doings, and ours, about friends,

and arts and crafts and People Tree.


She climbed a tree with Varuna’s help

Egged on encouragingly from below;

And opened a shop in the Nesting Grounds;

And then it was time to go.

She has promised to come again soon

And Sunny , too, next time.

Then there’ll be more stories, louder conversations,

And perhaps a longer rhyme.


2 Responses to “Meeting Meeta”

  1. Sri Says:

    How lovely that Meeta visited you. Also, those clothes she brought you remind of my People Tree days. Did you guys know I worked there a little while?
    I want to visit you too, so badly. Omar will most certainly meet you guys soon.

  2. Meeta Says:

    Just saw this. How lovely. Just like my trip there.

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