Russell’s Viper

One evening, about 3 weeks ago, Sonati spotted what she thought was a baby python behind the house. She squealed, and Frisky came running to see what was up. The snake made a dramatic “leap in the air” and then coiled itself up, and started “hissing like a pressure cooker”. The rest of us came to the back verandah and Badri Baba, cameraman, took some photos of what was a “Textbook” Russell’s viper, close to five feet in length.

Frisky kept barking; the Russell’s viper kept hissing; but never tried to strike. Then it slowly uncoiled itself and went towards the east, with Frisky following. We could hear its hissing even when it was some 20 metres away from the house.

the coiled-up Russell's viper

the coiled-up Russell's viper

Frisky escorting the snake away

Frisky escorting the snake away


6 Responses to “Russell’s Viper”

  1. Sri Says:


  2. Raja Says:

    Do Badribaba and Varunbabe know the story called ‘Hiss don’t bite?’
    The viper was none other than the Buddha in disguise – narrating the tale!

  3. a russell’s viper, RIP « namma shaale Says:

    […] friends in Thekambattu were able to see to the safe-slinking away of a Russell’s Viper at their place. We were not so […]

  4. zenrainman Says:

    A russels’s viper bit our dog Jill, too young to stay away from it. It died after a week’s suffering inspite of the anti-venom that we gave it. Jack its sibling died after 2 weeks after Jill’s death, we know not why.
    The Russel’s viper was of course defending itself and it went away.

  5. sunder and sonati Says:

    The thing with the anti venom is that there is a “body weight” issue. So a child or a puppy will need a larger dosage of anti-venom as compared to an adult (which is counter-intuitive) and a lot of doctors who haven’t dealt with kids, puppies and snake bite goof up on this.

  6. Abir Says:

    I gather this blog is written by Sunder and Sonati.

    I would like to know a little more about their behavior. Are they resident to an area and are they ready biters? Im not too fond of snakes but would not kill one all the same.

    I would like to know how i could make the area i work around as unattractive for them as possible!

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