Mesta Tenga

A basket of Mesta fruit

A basket of Mesta fruit

Varun shelling mesta fruit

Varun shelling mesta fruit

When (Sonati’s) Ma visited us in October she had taught us to make jam from the Mesta Tenga (pullipu keerai / gongura / rosella) fruit. We successfully made vast quantities of the jam from this year’s crop which finally ran out yesterday. We are not likely to forget the rich deep purple  and the wild flavour of the jam.

Recipe: Separate the seed from the covering. Cook the red petals in water till they are  tender. Add sugar ((half the weight of the petals). Stir occasionally and allow to thicken to the correct consistency. This is when it slides off the spoon in lumps. A small steel plate at the bottom of the cooking pot will prevent the jam from sticking. Cool and bottle.


5 Responses to “Mesta Tenga”

  1. Rahul Says:

    good to have you back! Why this long hiatus? Has Thekambattu turned so boring?

  2. sunder and sonati Says:

    Quite the reverse, Rahul, quite the reverse.

  3. Sri Says:

    That makes me want to make some jam of my own. What a gorgeous colour that fruit is.
    And, it is good to have you back 🙂

  4. nijwm Says:

    can u tell me the english or scientific name of this plant. i am a bodo from assam and we call it ‘mwithaa’. the leaves of this plant is a delicacy with fish and meat in bodo cuisine. i’ve been tryin to find its english name

  5. sunder and sonati Says:

    I have heard people refer to it as Rosella, but I am not too sure of its validity

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