B candles for Badri Baba


Badri Baba’s birthday flagged off the visitor season here. Ata and Abu were here to celebrate. Here finally is his Birthday “pome”:

Badri is a little lad
Version 8.9 today,
Badri is a young man now
I guess we ought to say

Nine years ago, two candles sufficed
And suffice they will this year:
He was counting on his fingers then
Now, decimal is small beer.

He is B years old, BB is B
In Hex of course, don’t you know…
(Varun is 6 in decimal or hex
and always wanting to grow)

Enough of numbers, on to the menu
I can hear all of you say
Will a cake be cut? A torte be baked?
What will make it “Happy Birthday”?

The tradition here (for those in the know)
Is none of these things; No Sir!
We say Pooh to cakes, uh-huh to tortes


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2 Responses to “B candles for Badri Baba”

  1. Sridevi (now aka Sri) Says:

    Masala Dosas it is! And a happy belated birthday to dear Badri Baba.

  2. porcupyn Says:

    Zvei (you are he/him, right?):

    Nice poem, with one question from me … How can BB be B (in Hex)? 😉

    Happy Birthday to the BB (oh never mind the question, I get it now!!!) Baba!

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