Tree Planting

All four of us were outside this evening, preparing seedling bags and putting in some tree seeds. We punched holes in old milk sachets (Vangal Dairy!), then packed them with a mix of mud and compost, pressed the seed in and watered the bags.

Whatever seeds pop, will be nursed in the nursery for a year, and we will hopefully plant out most of the seedlings next year.

Some of these were jackfruit seeds. We received the jackfruit as a gift, yesterday from Swaminathan’s family; the tree from which it came is an old one, planted by Swaminathan’s grandfather.(The jackfruit is as much his gift as his grandson’s). If all goes well, today’s bagging will yield fruit in 20 years’ time.

We were struck by the wonder of it all: One small seed given time and space, can give rise miraculously to a stately jackfruit tree, producing fruit, each of which is a meal (or two) for a family!

I went and saw our one surviving jackfruit tree which was one of those we planted from seed when we came here.It has survived the depredations of goats and three consecutive drought years, and has grown into a lovely-looking young tree.

With that one we are eight years “ahead of the game”, so if any of you are in the vicinity in June 2020, you may be the lucky ones to share in our first homegrown jackfruit harvest.


3 Responses to “Tree Planting”

  1. borudeb Says:

    Why should the jack seedling take 20 years to bear fruit? Normally trees mature to fruit in 7 to 8 yrs from seed, I hear.

    We were thinking of posting you our own “baro-mashia” seeds. Want any?
    Currently our trees are laden with fruit and not many of us to eat them. Cherry does not like the fruit but fried seeds yes. I eat jack juice with rice popcorn and a little milk. Delicious!

  2. sunder and sonati Says:

    This variety of jackfruit, by all accounts, take 18-20 years, seed to fruit.

    Do send us the baro-mashia seeds: Jackfruit all year round will be a wonder in these parts.

  3. Sridevi (now aka Sri) Says:

    I’ll put that on my calendar for sure! I miss eating jackfruit since we don’t get it here 😦

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