Rogue’s Gallery aka Visiting Faculty

Russell was a whirlwind Scott
Who came one Thursday noon.
He left after five days’ stay,
And oh! that was much too soon.

His visit leavened many things,
Not least our painting skills.
Sourdough Bread, of course, was baked;
Cakes cooled on window sills.

We learnt to ‘sit’ while he painted;
In an hour portraits were done.
So was the Torte Bourbonnais:
Glad I don’t have to rhyme that one!

Ali, Lisa and Emma were present
In the absence, so to speak:
We look forward to the time when
They, too, can be here for a week.

A month, of course would be better:
There’s so much to learn and to share.
But till such time as they travel here,
Letters should travel by air.

One can go on in this vein for ever;
The poet’s art is knowing when to stop.
The cake that is folded lightly
Is sure not to be a flop.


2 Responses to “Rogue’s Gallery aka Visiting Faculty”

  1. Sunny Meeta Says:

    Saw Russel’s site. Real vibrant paintings.

  2. pratiloma Says:

    Ahoy S & S!

    Your poetic efforts are not in vain
    Am not averse to your verse
    And you’ve done well pals, without much strain
    In the art of text terse

    We do not know these good folks (Russel & Co)
    We being mere dorks (RajaMannar & Co)
    But we have stolen his recipe choccake (from Sonati)
    Which we have learnt to make (lots of it)

    We also tried our hand
    At baking our sourdough bread
    but alas, we burnt our fingers instead
    And also our bread

    I think the microbes don’t like me
    They think me a anticolonialist, with glee
    And the dough does not rise,
    But, my blood pressure does

    Protein folding, I understand (pretend to)
    But, dough folding, I oversit (tend to)
    The result is very understandable
    The sad paratha ^&%$# is not tameable
    ’tis just another brick in the wall
    My doughter says, what gall

    Experimental smells emanating from our kitchen
    Have turned our neighbours chicken
    ‘Give us our daily dread
    Loaf like our neighbour’
    Sayeth *our* neighbour
    On seeing our sad veggie garden spread

    This is no sour dough theory
    Neither is it a good practice
    Sayeth my exasperated spousie-grousie
    With a tired hiss

    Spouse says enough is enough
    So I close, cough *cough*


    Your nice blog
    ‘Welcomed’ by humlog


    I thought it wit
    But to be honest, you dont deserve it.
    Verry. 😦

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