Some pictures

These photos are taken by Deepak., Pablo, and Madhu, when they visited here, at various times.For the uninitiated (like yours truly), click on a picture to enlarge.


2 Responses to “Some pictures”


    Wonderful to see pictures of Badri and Varun! What bright, vibrant people they are! Greet them for us.

    Go to my eduvisionary blog , and feel free to critique my ideas there. Having put up my idea of a school, I already feel an urge to reject it, or modify it into a different kind of learnscape. My next posting will be what I think is wrong with it.


  2. bharath Says:

    hai sundar and sunati,
    how are you? nice picture’s were are you now? it has been ages since i seen you all, reply me when you get this.. will be great to be in touch…
    with lots of love and regards
    my number 09003445544

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